Precita Valley CHESS HERALD
Vol. 2, No. 3, March 1957

THE OAKLAND CHESS & CHECKER CLUB is the largest of its kind in the entire East Bay Area. It is located on the second floor at 263 - 12th Street --, right in downtown Oakland. One has many choices of diversion at this interesting club; for besides chess, there's checkers, bridge, and other card games going on. If one gets disgusted in his game of chess there's that possibility of getting one of the card players interested in a game of poker with your valuable chessmen as stakes --, just another way to lose a piece! Russell Freeman, Ronald Thacker, and Douglas Willis are doing a great job. - But what happened to the Oakland Juniors!!?? It is hoped that the members of this team did not get involved in one of those card games where their pieces were left en prise! WE MISS YOU, MEN!!

THE GOLDEN GATE CHESS CLUB is a unique one in downtown San Francisco, not far from MECHANICS' INSTITUTE, being at the Somerton Hotel, 440 Geary Street. Tuesday is the regular meeting night, and, like at M.I., on is very likely to wag tongues with the kindly international chess master, Imre Konig. Then there's another master (at least this reporter thinks so) --, Henry Gross, who is the club's director. The best feature noticed at the Golden Gate Club is that if you feel rotten about how you played your game of chess there's a bar only a few feet away where you can go drown your sorrows - no remorsing here!

BUT!!!..., if you want to meet the best characters and kibitzers of the ol' Royal Game, there's no place like MECHANICS' INSTITUTE on the 4th floor, Chess & Checker Room, located downtown in S.F., at 57 Post St. Almost anytime of the day one can glance in this chess haven and note many interesting games going on between equally interesting woodpushers. For instance, there's Dave Neider who pays a certain opponent four bits if he loses because --, well who's the better player anyway??!!

Note from the CASTLE CHESS CLUB, Gross finally got white vs. McClain! To wit --, he is the T.D. now!!

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