Precita Valley CHESS HERALD
Vol. 2, No. 5, May 1957

Let's Get Acquainted
(Jim Reynolds)

MR. CHARLES BAGBY, a well-known expert chess player in California, is also, like Henry Gross, a very good attorney. This reporter has often been asked, "How good a player is Mr. Bagby?" May I answer you now by acquainting you readers with the man himself?

For one thing, Charles Bagby was the Northern California champion in 1949 and in 1950. He was also the champion of the ever tough Mechanics' Institute Chess Club in 1923 and runner-up quite a few times. Just passed, Mechanics' Institute Centennial Tourney of 1955, again he was runner-up, 2nd behind Earl Pruner. He once drew in a 10-game match with the late A.J. Fink and also once drew in a short match with George Koltanowski. In 1949 there was a Pacific Coast Invitational Tourney and Charlie landed in a tie for first with Arthur Dake. Asked what he considered his best game of chess, Charlie replied, "My game with Alekhine in 1929".

Mr. Bagby became a trustee in the Mechanics' Institute organization in 1923 and Vice-President of this large club in 1947.

Oh, and did you know, Charlie is a walking encyclopedia? He won't tell you about this but the information was volunteered by one of his close friends. Charlie has one of those photographic memories and has a habit of remembering everything he reads. He has read the ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITTANICA so don't get into an argument with him over some worldly fact because Charlie just might happen to quote word for word some page or pages dealing with any such certain subject in this encyclopedia --; so, your debate is lost!

Though he is strictly a Mechanics' Institute man, Charlie Bagby is always willing to help smaller clubs. Says Charlie, "We like the smaller clubs, but everybody should belong to Mechanics', too, since it is really the parent organization of chess in San Francisco!". We must agree --, Mechanics' chess room is open, too, every day from 9 am to 10 pm.

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