Precita Valley CHESS HERALD
Vol. 2, No. 1, January 1957

(Jim Reynolds)

TUESDAY, JANUARY 29TH, 1957 IS THE NIGHT!! It will be Precita Valley's big event of the year, "The Al Horowitz Exhibition Night". Many chess fans will be present, some playing the international chess master and editor of CHESS REVIEW, and some just watching the procedures. Starting time is expected to be 7 p.m. for the pre-ceremonial events and Mr. Horowitz is expected to take over shortly thereafter. I.A. "Al" Horowitz last visited this area some ten years ago so his appearance is a rather rare occasion. Those who have bought tickets will not be sorry and those who have not still have a chance - contact either Noel Renaud, 125 Brompton Ave., JU 4-3969 or Jim Reynolds, 117 Brewster St., MI 8-5759 to get your reservation if any are still available when this news reaches you. All in all, let's give our fine chess crusader, AL HOROWITZ, a hearty welcome in San Francisco!!!

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