Precita Valley CHESS HERALD
Vol. 2, No. 9, September 1957

California State Open

GUTHRIE McCLAIN DID A SPENDID PIECE OF WORK as tournament director of the greatest of all California State "Open" Chess Championship Tourneys! To prove this, those players involved in the tournament gave "Mac" a standing ovation when things were pretty much over and he was introduced by CSCF President George Goehler! This is something that very seldom happens (or maybe never has happened) at a tournament. Usually the losers, and there are usually plenty of them, blame their misfortune on the T.D. It was a nice gesture of the players and spectators to show "Mac" their appreciation for his efforts. I'm sure "Max" felt honored, and deservingly so.

Deserving an honor was also Jim Schmitt--, that as the California State "Open" Chess Champion. Some of the games were played at a pretty fast pace, and though the better players seem to win such games, the games have a few flaws. However, Mr. Schmitt played some mighty fine chess despite the fast tempo in the early rounds. Jim has knocked on the door so many times so it was good to see it opened for him this time. Regardless of what anyone thinks, Jim Schmitt deserved to win the tourney--, one could see from his games that he worked hard for it. CONGRATULATIONS JIM SCHMITT!! And, good luck in the upcoming State Finals!

The Precita Valley Chess Club got a new look all around! Not only did their recent September election bring on a new staff to run the club, but the club quarters were brightened up with fresh new colors in the way of a nice paint job. Gone are the drabby-looking walls and dull framework. No wonder there have been so many upsets there lately, for the new paint seems to make the lights even show better and these guys who have been taking advantage over opponents with weaker eye-sight suddenly cannot do it anymore!

Going along with the Giants and Dodgers in the westward movement is Larry Evans, international grandmaster from New York (?). It looks like Larry will take up residence in Los Angeles or that vicinity. This means the South will gain another top strong board in the annual North-South match. It looks like we San Franciscans will have to go to work and perhaps entice Arthur Bisquier, also international grandmaster, to take residence in our town. Go to work Mayor Christopher!

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