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Alexandra Kosteniuk
ChessBase News
ChessBase USA
Chess Journalism
Correspondence Chess League of America
GM Dejan Bojkov
House of Staunton
How to Play Chess: For Beginners and Parents (Highly recommended!)
Internet Chess Club
The Chess Drum
The Week in Chess
University of Pittsburgh CC
US Chess Federation
World Chess Federation


Batgirl Articles
Batgirl Blog
Carolus Chess
Chess Archaeology
Chess History Center
Edo Historical Chess Ratings
Idaho Chess History Project
IRLchess - Irish Chess History
Jewish Chess History
Mechanics' Chess Club History
Memphis Chess History
Northwest Chess
Joseph Redding: Polymathic Chess Expert
Sacramento CC History
Sarah's Chess Journal
The Chess Library
The Chessmill
Tim Harding's Chess History

History on YouTube

Chris Mavraedis video of IM John Grefe in Berkeley
Chris Mavraedis video of GM Julian Hodgson in Hayward
Chris Mavraedis video of the last Richard Shorman LERA Chess group in Sunnyvale
Dr. Alan Kirshner interview with the Goodkind Twins in Fremont
Dr. Alan Kirshner interview with NM Hal Bogner in Half Moon Bay
Dr. Alan Kirshner interview with FM Jim Eade
Dr. Alan Kirshner interview with Hans Poschmann in Fremont
Dr. Alan Kirshner interview with NM Kerry Lawless in Fremont
Senior Master Jude Acers talks about Russell Miller

Chess Collecting

Alan Benson's Chess Book Collection
Caissa Editions Bookstore - Dale Brandreth
Chess Books - Antiquarian and Collectible - Michael Clapham
Chess Books - Tony Peterson
Chess Collector Shop
Chess Collectors International
Fred Wilson Chess
GM Square Chess Auction
Jon's Antique Chess Collection
Karel Mokry
Ken Whyld Association
LSAK Chess Book Auctions
Luke Honey, Chess & Games
McFarland Publisher of Chess Books
Moravian Chess Publishing House
Piatigorsky Cup Tournament Sets

California Organizations

CalChess: The Northern California Chess Association
Hip Hop Chess Federation
Los Angeles Vibe (Professional chess team in the U.S. Chess League)
Metropolitan Chess (Los Angeles)
SCCF: The Southern California Chess Federation

California Clubs

Arcadia CC
Berkeley CC
Chinggis Chess Club
Contra Costa CC
Exposition Park CC
Fremont CC
Fresno CC
Hayward CC
Kolty CC
Lakeview CC
Mechanics' Institute CC
Morro Bay CC
NorCal House of Chess
North Oakland CC
Pasadena CC
Redding CC
Sacramento CC
Santa Monica Chess Park
Stanford CC
UC Berkeley CC
UC Davis CC

California Players

Alan Benson at Chessdom
Chess Diva TV Show for Girls & Women
Clarence Beale, founding member of the Burlingame CC
Coach Demetrius Goins
Dana Mackenzie
Eric Schiller
Jeremy Silman
Lauren Goodkind
Melik Khachiyan
Michael Aigner - Home of the fpawn
Michael Aigner's Blog
Sam Shankland
Simone's Chess Blog
Tanuj Vasudeva's Blog
Tim Thompson's Chess Page
Vinay Bhat's Blog
Walter Browne

California Scholastic

Academic Chess
All American Association Chess Club
Dewain Barber Tournament of K-8 Champions
Bay Area Chess
Berkeley Chess School
Beverly Hills Chess Club
Cal North Youth Chess
Chess and Music Academy
Chess For Kids
Chess King Corp
Chess Wizards
Chico Christian School CC
Folsom Chess Club
Hanley Chess Academy
Marin Scholastic Chess
Mountain Lake Chess Camp
NorCal High School Chess League
R. Martin Wiskemann Children's Chess Education Program
San Diego Chess Academy
Shoreview Chess
Success Chess School
Tracy Chess
U.S. Chess Mates
Weibel Chess

California Chess Stores

American Chess Equipment - Anaheim
Chess Palace - Garden Grove
Games of Berkeley
Gamescape - San Francisco
It's Your Move - Oakland