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And call'd it Caissa from the dryad's name:
(Whence Albion's sons, who most its praise confess,
Approv'd the play, and nam'd it thoughtful Chess.)

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Casual chess on Wednesday, February 21st. Hope to see you there!

2018 CalChess Girls Age Level State Championship, Saturday, March 3rd.

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WCM Phiona Mutesi, subject of the book and movie 'Queen of Katwe', studies the position at the 2018 US Amateur Team West Championship; held at the Santa Clara Convention Center on February 19, 2018. (Photos by Richard Shorman)

CalNorth Age Level Championships and Dr. Alan Kirschner's 80th Birthday Celebration at the Newark Pavilon on February 4, 2018. (Photos by Richard Shorman)

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