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  The Definitive History of California Chess

California Chess Periodicals

   BISD Newsletter (1977)
   Blitz Chess (1988-2003)
   Burlingame-San Mateo Chess Club Newsletter (1978)
   CalChess Report (1990-1994)
   California Chess Journal (1986-2004)
   California Chess News (1947-1949)
   California Chess Reporter (1951-1976)
   Capitol City Chess Club Bulletin (1935-1941)
   CCCL Newsletter (1956-1958)
   Cherryland Chess (2016)
   Chesquire (1961)
   Chess Digest (1950)
   Chess In Action (1953-1970)
   Chess Nuts (1955-1957)
   Chess Reporter (1931-1932)
   Chess Voice (1970-1985)
   En Passant (1964-1971)
   Fremont Chess Club Newsletter (1972-1985)
   Gambit (1975)
   Hayward Chess Club Newsletter (1985)
   Herman Steiner Chess Group News (1956)
   Kolty's Notes (1957)
   LERA Chess Club Bulletin (1966)
   Monterey Peninsula Chess Club (1968-1969)
   North American Chess Reporter (1933)
   North American Correspondence Chess League Official Reporter-Bulletin (1934-1937)
   Oakland YMCA Chess Bulletin (1959-1960)
   One Thousand and One Knights - Tales from the SDCC (1988-1991)
   Open File (1985-1987)
   Orange Knight (1974-1985)
   Precita Valley Chess Club Bulletin (1956-1957)
   Precita Valley Chess Herald (1956-1958)
   Rank & File (1977-2012)
   Sacramento Chess News (1950-1955)
   San Diego Chess Tactician (1973-1974)
   San Francisco Bay Area Chess League (1963)
   San Jose YMCA Chessclub Chess News! (1966)
   Scacchic Voice (1968-1970)
   So. Calif. Championship Report (1961)
   Southern California Chess Club Reporter (1969)
   Southern California Chess Players News (1969-1971)
   Terrachess (1961-1974)
   The 65th Square (1987)
   The Burlingame Chess Mate (1986)
   The Burling-Games (1976)
   The Gambit (1970-1971)
   The Springer (1959-1969)
   The Wrong Rook (1985-1987)
   Western Chess Chronicle (1935-1936)
   Wilshire Chess Society Newsletter (1995-2003)
   Zugzwang (1973)

California Chess Columns

   Berkeley Barb (1972-1975)
   Berkeley Daily Californian (1974)
   Berkeley Daily Gazette (1974-1975)
   City of San Francisco (1975-1976)
   Concord Press (1967)
   Danville Daily Democrat (1971-1974)
   Dublin-Livermore-Pleasanton Herald & News (1969-1974)
   Fremont-Newark Argus (1968-1977)
   Hayward Daily Review (1967-1981)
   Los Angeles California Eagle (1950)
   Los Angeles and San Francisco Fortnight Magazine (1951-1955)
   Los Angeles Herald-Examiner (1970-1972)
   Los Angeles Times (1911, 1916-Present)
   Mercury (published by the LA Athletic Club) (1922-1947)
   Monterey Peninsula Herald (1979)
   Newhall Signal (1972)
   Redwood City Weekly News (1989-1991)
   Richmond Independant & Gazette (1977-1978)
   Sacramento Bee (1971-1987)
   San Francisco Argonaut (1884-1886, 1952-1953)
   San Francisco Call (1913)
   San Francisco Chronicle (1921-1923, 1927-1930, 1948-2000)
   San Francisco News (1953-1956)
   Santa Clara Vision (1998)
   Santa Rosa Press Democrat (1947-1959)
   Vallejo Times-Herald (1953-1964)

California Chess Columnists

   Jude Acers
   Alan Benson
   Ernest J. Clarke
   Frisco Del Rosario
   John Dougherty
   Richard E. Fauber
   Charles Edward Gray
   Isaac Kashdan
   George Koltanowski
   Imre Konig
   John Larkins
   Jerry Long
   Stan Mac Carty
   Henry MacMahon
   Sandi Ordinario
   Jack Peters
   Gary Pickler
   H.J. Ralston
   Richard Shorman
   Herman Steiner
   J. E. Tippett
   J. Fennimore Welsh

California Chess Articles from U.S. and World Chess Periodicals

   Periodical Index

California Chess Articles from Newspapers & Magazines

   Article Index (1945-1995)

California Chess Flyers, Letters, Programs, Etc.

   Dated Ephemera Index (1928-2016)
   Non-dated Ephemera Index
   2nd Piatigorsky Cup Game Scores(1966)

California Chess Signatures

   Book Signature & Inscription Index

California Chess Collectibles

   California Chess Collectibles

California Chess Tournament & Match Bulletins

   Tournament Bulletin Index (1932-1968)

California Chess Authors

   Jude Acers
   Frank R. Anderson
   Kimberly Anonuevo
   Neil Brennen
   John Donaldson
   Kenn Fong
   Eric Hicks
   John S. Hilbert
   Ed Hirsch
   Alan Kirshner
   Emil Ladner
   Kerry Lawless
   Craig Mar
   Chris Mavraedis
   Dan F. Oakes
   Mark Pifer
   Andy Sacks
   Mark Shelton
   Sam Sloan
   Rahul Subramaniam
   Bill Wall

Special Submissions

   California Chess Hall of Fame
   California Chess Notables
   George Koltanowski (1903-2000)
   Jacqueline Piatigorsky (1911-2012)
   Hans Poschmann (1932-2006)
   Mechanics' Institute Newsletter